Splinters & Candy 06/15/20 WVKR


Listen up, hear the sounds. Music from England, Nigeria, Brazil, Hungary, Mauritius, Costa Rica, Chile, China, USA, Taiwan, Vietnam, and beyond.


Waaju – “Moleman”
Etuk Obong – “African Struggle”
Manfredo Fest – “Brazilian Dorian Dream”
The Mabon Dawud Republic ft. Dele Sosimi – “Na Lie”
Julie Coker – “Sogio”
Allen Meller – “Moin Qui Bizin Travail”
Maracuyá ft. Ximena Obregón – “Cuco Cuco Picogordo de la Española”
Macha y el Bloque Depresivo – “Isla de Errores”
Chico Trujillo – “Qué Me Coma El Tigre”
Penya – “Karachi (what could of been)”
Bei Bei & Shawn Lee – “Love in Hong Kong”
Yao Su Rong – “Face Red, Heart Laugh”
Saigon Soul Revival – “Nhân Gian Tình”

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