Splinters & Candy 03/06/17 WVKR

Being young in Rwanda

Splinters & Candy airs every Monday from 4-5PM ET on independent radio 91.3FM WVKR Poughkeepsie. Live streaming at wvkr.org. Each week Alex Brown presents an eclectic collection of music from around the world.

Let your soul out. Music from Zimbabwe, Cape Verde, Jordan, Thailand, Japan, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Bolivia, Norway, Sweden, Scotland, Canada and beyond.


Mokoomba – “Makole”
Thomas Mapfumo & the Blacks Unlimited – “Chauya Chirizevha”
Pedrinho – “Nanda”
Farah Siraj – “Inta Albal”
Hongthong Dao-udon – “Hongthong Tam Faen”
Chiemi Eri – “Saitara-Bushi”
Kieng Yuthhan – “Sronos Kantong Khiev”
Tilahun Gessesse – “Tezalègn Yètentu”
Luzmila Carpio – “Arrullo a la Pachamama”
The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc – “Flinken”
Le Vent du Nord – “Le Rosier”

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