Splinters & Candy 02/28/22 WVKR

Untitled | Andrew Scheer

Exploring fine sounds. Music from Finland, Brazil, Democratic Republic of Congo, Japan, Ukraine, Ecuador, Mongolia, USA, Mexico, Tibet, Senegal, Rwanda, Italy, England, and beyond.


Antti Paalanen – “Elä”
Heleno Dos Oito Baixos – “Entra E Sai”
M’Pongo Love – “C’est trop tard”
Miharu Koshi – “Mephisto Feres O Sagase”
DakhaBrakha – “Khyma”
Duo Aguayo Huayamabe – “Mi Dulce Amor”
Khusugtun – “Jaran Tsagaan Aduu”
Radio Jarocho ft. Patricio Hidalgo – “Bemba y Tablao”
Yungchen Lhamo – “Loving Kindness”
Nuru Kane – “Welcome”
The Good Ones – “The Darkness Has Passed (Genocide 1959-1994)”
Marco Zanotti – “In silenzio”
Molly Drake – “Dream Your Dreams”
Harmonia – “Ukrainian Polka”

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