Splinters & Candy 02/06/23 WVKR

IMG_7603 | Greg Walters

Situations to discover. Music from Zimbabwe, Senegal, Spain, Morocco, Estonia, Brazil, Cape Verde, The Gambia, England, Iran, USA, Cuba, France, Mauritania, and beyond.


Stella Chiweshe – “Chamakuwende”
Esukolaal – “Bapaalaay”
Mar Grimalt – “Reset”
Khadija El Warzazia & Bnat El Houariyat – “Li Guer Ymout”
Kalay Khan Bhag – “Saazina”
Maarja Nuut – “Mees, Kes Aina Igatses”
Orquidália – “Sol Na Pele / Tanta Roupa”
Tchiss Lopes – “Ká Bô Bem Dzoriental”
Sura Susso – “Nyancho”
Touraj – “Take My Lonely Hand”
Bio Ritmo – “Madrugador”
Forever Pavot – “Dans la voiture”
Ahl Nana – “Yer Sabou Yerkoy”

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