Splinters & Candy 01/02/17 WVKR

Children of Lima

Splinters & Candy airs every Monday from 4-5PM ET on independent radio 91.3FM WVKR Poughkeepsie. Live streaming at wvkr.org. Each week Alex Brown presents an eclectic collection of music from around the world.

Ring in the new year with vibrant sounds from inspirational sources. Music from Burkina Faso, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, Ethiopia, Peru, Cape Verde, Togo, Mali, USA and beyond.


Kanazoé Orkestra – “Fantanya”
Lorraine Klaasen – “Nouvelle Journeé”
K.S. Chithra – “Yaaro Sonnaangalaam”
Paul Fernando – “Egoda Gode”
Chiemi Eri – “Itsuki-No Komoriuta”
Yishak Banjaw – “Libey Ma’Aduley”
Los Dandy’s – “Lindo Amorcito”
Bitori – “Bitori Nha Bibinha”
Akofa Akoussah – “I Tcho Tchass”
Salif Keita – “Nyanafin”
Changüí Majadero – “Me la Llevo al Megaton”

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