Salt Petal – Sea Monster

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Salt Petal – “Por La Luna”
Sea Monster

Salt Petal are an exciting group from Los Angeles delivering their own blend of tropical music with delicious bi-lingual overtones of Argentine folk music, 60s rock and jangle pop. The five to eight-piece band features the danceable, melodic music of Latin America filled with a dose of California sunshine played on accordion, guitar, bass, drums, trumpet, keyboards and percussion. The sweet sounds of Gal Costa & Os Mutantes meet the sustained sensibilities of The Smiths and Blondie. They recently released their EP Tip of the Sunfish, which includes “Stay Awhile,” “Sabotage,” Caetano Veloso’s “Baby” (as recorded by Os Mutantes in 1968), “Songs I Used to Love,” and “Por La Luna” from their upcoming full-length release Sea Monster, which is due out in early 2013.

Autumn Harrison’s sensual vocals, accordion and keyboard playing drives the band as they jump from a lively cumbia to a rollicking Brazilian beat infused with Rodrigo González’s electric guitar and Dayna Richards’ trumpet harmonies. Jesse Herrera adds backing vocals and bass, seamlessly fitting with Hiroo Nakano’s drums and percussion. Salt Petal’s concoction of influences keeps their music wild and unprecedented. Their sunshine grooves pulse along with the fire in their bellies. The group is capable of dipping into any style and they certainly know how to grab the audience’s attention. They have performed on a variety of TV and radio programs and with a release this strong, I’m sure they will be featured on many more.

Check out Salt Petal’s video for “Songs I Used to Love” below and stay in touch with their tour dates. Keep your eyes peeled for Sea Monster.


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