Nickodemus – Moon People

Brooklyn-based Nickodemus is a DJ/Producer who got his start spinning at the legendary Giant Step parties in NY during the 90s. He’s famous for founding Turntables on the Hudson with Mariano and Nappy G. Mixing DJ sets with live instruments, Turntables on the Hudson has become a great place for musicians from many different backgrounds to collaborate with one another. Nickodemus’ appreciation for global sounds has taken him across the world, working with musicians from Puerto Rico to Beirut. He received a lot of praise for “Mi Swing es Tropical” which featured Quantic and the Candela All-Stars. The song made a big splash when it was used in an iTunes commercial during the summer of 2007.

His new album, Moon People, the follow up to Sun People, is out today on ESL Music. “Sun People had a live organic daytime party sound,” Nickodemus explains. “Moon People is the deeper electronic side of my music. It’s dedicated to the nocturnal people who work, create, party and operate while the rest of the world is asleep, with hints of playfulness and sunshine.” Nickodemus’ jazz friends inspired him to use turntables as the ultimate tool for improvisation. With a deep respect for global grooves, Nickodemus knows how to get people dancing.

“I never know how to sum up what I do, other than a world fusion of dance music – hip hop, house, Latin, African, Middle Eastern… it’s all aimed at the dance floor.” – Nickodemus

Moon People is full of surprises. “Under the Volcano,” featuring the Latin electro outfit Navegante, fuses funk and swing with accordion and flute to great effect. Belleruch singer Kathrin deBoer and Afrika Bambaataa join Nickodemus in the studio to add their voices to the record. The Candela Allstars, a group put together in Puerto Rico by Nickodemus, add more Latin flavor to the album, cooking up a mix of house beats, trumpets and percussion. The video for “Alruccabah,” directed by Gunther Intelmann, reveals a subdued groove that floats by with the passing visual scenes. Check out the video below and grab yourself a copy of Moon People.

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