Fania All-Stars – Selecciones Fania

This week we take a look at some of the fine albums Fania Records has re-released recently. Today marks the reissue of a series of records on Fania entitled Selecciones Fania. These albums highlight recordings of many artists from Fania’s massive roster of talent. Most of these members were part of the flagship act for Fania Records, the Fania All-Stars, which stormed New York City in the 60’s & 70’s. Their performances at the Cheetah are legendary. Luckily in 1972 a documentary entitled Our Latin Thing was shot in front of a live audience at the Cheetah. One only needs to watch the video below, taken from the film, to see how exciting this salsa revolution was.

Not only is the music great for dancing to, but the amount of sound coming from the stage is mind-blowing. The layers of brass, percussion, piano, bass and vocals are pushed to the limit. When all of these instruments come together, the sonic storm is powerful enough to knock your hat off. Some of Fania’s biggest names include: Celia Cruz, Larry Harlow, Ray Barretto, Ralfi Pagan, Luis “Perico” Ortiz, Bobby Valentín, Rubén Blades, Héctor Lavoe, and many others including label founder Johnny Pacheco. This clip of “Descarga Fania All Stars” is full of energy. If you don’t break a sweat, check your pulse.

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