Dino Vangu – Kin Nostalgie

Today we have a gem for you from Dino Vangu. This compilation was released a while ago, but it has recently been reissued as a digital download by Sterns Music. The sound on the album focuses mainly on cavacha, which is a type of rhythm found in the popular music of Zaire and Kenya. Supposedly when Meridjo Belobi was on a trip he started to sing over the rhythm of the train running over the railroad tracks. Back in Kinshasa, Meridjo and his band Zaiko Langa Langa committed to making a new kind of music based on the the rhythm of a train. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, cavacha is known locally as Machini ya Kauka, meaning literally from Lingala: “The Engine of Kauka.” It’s nice to see Sterns Music making this music available again. Enjoy “Limbisa Bapakano” by Makina Loka Dimaye, one of Dino’s bands, below and shop for Kin Nostalgie wherever digital music is sold.

“Makina Loka Dimaye was Dino Vangu’s band before he joined Tabu Ley’s Afrisa in 1976. This is the sound of Kinshasa in the 1970s, this was the revolution that mirrored punk in the UK, it was a revolution that sought to kick out the bloated dinosaurs as they were seen and make guitar music about the youth again…this was cavacha!” – Sterns Music

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