Chico Trujillo – 45RPM 7″

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A-side – “Gran Pecador”

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B-side – “Caleta Vargas”

Chico Trujillo recently released a nice 7″ single in a joint venture between Electric Cowbell Records and Barbès Records. Chico Trujillo is Chile’s most recognized cumbia band. They expand on cumbia by adding ska, bolero, reggae, Latin American and Balkan music to the mix, which is no surprise as Chico Trujillo got their start as an offshoot of the punk/ska band LaFloripondio. Twelve years and five albums later, Chico Trujillo is no longer a side project. The band tours endlessly and will play Lollapalooza on August 6th. Percussionist Juanito Gronemeyer reveals how Chico Trujillo are out to get you dancing.

“The initial influence for us and primitive desire to both make music and people dance has never changed since we started. The objective of Chico Trujillo is to party. It’s to generate dancing. For many years, it was badly looked upon (and even prohibited) in Chile to have a good time. We want to lift the stress of the working week from people, so that they can relax, dance and have a great time!” – Jaunito Gronemeyer

The 7″ single features “Gran Pecador” b/w “Caleta Vargas.” Both songs are featured above or at Electric Cowbell’s soundcloud page. Chico Trujillo represents Chile before Pinochet’s rule, when fiestas gave way to protest. They play music for nocturnal dance parties and festivals. These tunes are not to be missed, so get into summer with Chico Trujillo’s 7″, available at Electric Cowbell Records or your local record store. Catch Chico Trujillo in NYC on August 4th. At 5:30pm they hit MoMa Nights and at 10:00pm they will pack Le Poisson Rouge. Be prepared to shake it.

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