Bang Data – La Sopa

Bang Data releases La Sopa on CD March 27th. The Bay Area duo will deliver their first full length album filled with samba, cumbia, ska and Afro-electro bossanova. Bang Data is comprised of MC Deuce Eclipse on vocals, who is known for lending his voice to Zion I, and Juan Manuel Caipo, who helped fuel the Latin alternative music scene in the Bay Area. Together they mix guitars, synthesizers, bass and electro-acoustic drums to combine musical influences from around the globe.

“Our sound is like a soup and so are we…if you think about it, so is everybody else in the world…In this day and age, with internet and mobile devices, etc, all these different cultures are meshing together becoming a “sopa.” People are constantly influencing and inspiring each other whether its art, music, politics. The world is one big ass soup if you ask us!” – Bang Data

Bang Data started off as a side project, but quickly developed into a full time gig while working together with Amplive of Zion I who at the time was producing Deuce’s solo album. Since coming together in 2008, MC Deuce Eclipse and Juan Manuel Caipo, of Nicaraguan and Peruvian heritages respectively, have created an array of sounds mixing rock, reggae, hip-hop & Latin beats. The group has performed with acts such as Calle 13, Ozomatli, Zion I, Natalia Lafourcade, Enanitos Verdes, Panteon Rococo & Chico Trujillo to name a few.

Their debut EP, Maldito Carnaval, was released in the fall of 2009 and garnered rave reviews. The song “Drivin’ Steady” has been featured as the iTunes Latino Song of the Week and the group collaborated with Karl Perrazzo from Santana, Steve Bradley from No Doubt and Amplive from Zion I on the EP. La Sopa was mixed and produced by Caipo and includes 5 songs from the debut EP, including the self-titled single “Bang Data” which has been made into a video. The group also collaborated with Peruvian living legend Eva Ayllón on one of the standout tracks on the album, “Toro Mata.” While the record mostly focuses on cumbia, you can hear the band run the gamut of Latin influences on this intriguing debut album. You can stream La Sopa courtesy of Bang Data at soundcloud. Watch “Bang Data” below and catch the band’s CD release party with Non Stop Bhangra at the Elbo Room in San Francisco on March 30th.

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