Afrolicious – Pleasuretime


Afrolicious – “Revolution”
Pleasuretime EP

On March 27th, Afrolicious return with a new EP entitled Pleasuretime on ESL Music. This Afro-Dub outfit has held a residency at the Elbo Room in San Francisco every Thursday for the past four years. The audiences always leave sweating after a night of heavy tunes and dancing. The band is full of music that makes you move as they incorporate live percussionists, dubbed out effects, live remixing of classic funk, disco, Afrobeat, Latin, electronic and polyrhythmic grooves that derive from the funky Afro-diaspora. They’ve been in the studio with Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation to record the followup to Dub for Mali, which topped the #1 spot on Bay Area station KALX and become a “pick of the month” on KCRW.

Recent collaborations include recordings with vocalists Fresh is Life and Iggy Mon from Trinidad and Tobago, Yacouba Diarra from Burkina Faso, Baba Duru, and percussionists Enrique from Honduras, and many more. The five tracks on the Pleasuretime EP are a nice blend of Afrobeat and Disco-House. With a more upbeat sound than Dub for Mali, Pleasuretime sees the group lay it down with nonstop grooves and enough funk to get any party going. The title track and “Never Let No One” features Fresh is Life on vocals, while “Bade Malou” features Yacouba Diarra on vocals. Pleasuremaker takes the lead vocal spot on “Revolution,” a news broadcast set to a funk beat that reflects the various global movements over the last year with Afrobeat, funk, and electronica spices. This is a tight record with an excellent mix of live instrumentation and electronica. To hear more music from Afrolicious, check out the Dub for Mali EP on soundcloud.

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