Splinters & Candy 02/05/18 WVKR

Sri Lanka – Train Ride

Open your ears and you will receive. Music from Mali, Colombia, Venezuela, Senegal, Sudan, USA, Japan, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Brazil, South Korea, and beyond.


Amy Koita – “Tounya Tigui”
Son Palenque – “El Tigre”
Eliana Cuevas – “Te Encontraré”
Orchestre Laye Thiam – “Sanga Té”
Mohammed Wardi – “Azibni”
Debo Band – “Hiyamikachi Bushi”
Nagat El Saghira – “Ana Baashaq El Bahr”
Winslow Six – “Roshi”
Shoukichi Kina – “Basha-gua Suncha”
Benji Kaplan – “Trenzinho para Lapa”
Joe Kye – “I Know”

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