Zvuloon Dub System – Freedom Time

Zvuloon Dub System was formed by Asaf and Ilan Smilan in 2006. This incredible group hails from Tel Aviv, Israel and delivers some of the finest roots reggae & dub being produced today. Their latest album, Freedom Time, is available on LP/CD now. Dropping authentic sounds from the multicultural Middle Eastern music scene, Zvuloon Dub System adopted their name from one of the twelve tribes of Israel. They are leading Israel’s reggae scene and flavor their music with Ethiopian jazz and rare grooves from the 70s, American soul, funk, jazz and Israeli mizrahi. Zvuloon Dub System strive to carve their own musical path and form their own sound. They produced, mixed and recorded Freedom Time in their own studio.

The album features 10 previously unreleased original songs and a funky reggae version of Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Chile.” Ranking Joe makes a guest appearance on “Nah Give Up.” Throughout the record, Zvuloon Dub System encourages people to respect peace, tolerance, love, solidarity and equal rights for all. The band is comprised of Gili Yalo (vocals), Omri Abramov (tenor sax), Inon Peretz (trumpet), Ilan Smilan (guitars), Simon Nahum (rhythm guitar), Lior Romano (keyboards and melodica), Tal Markus (bass / backing vocals), and Asaf Smilan (drums and percussion). The lead singer, Gili Yalo, was born in Ethiopia and walked through the desert at the age of 4 on an exhausting journey with his family to Israel. He sang the entire way and from that moment on his parents knew he would be a singer.

There is good reggae and great reggae. One listen to Freedom Time will reveal how great this band is. Their talented approach to roots reggae and dub will impress any listener. If you did a blindfold test, you’d think this was a vintage recording. It’s refreshing to hear Zvuloon Dub System breathe new life into reggae. Listen to Freedom Time above or at Zvuloon Dub System’s bandcamp page. Grab the vinyl or CD today and stay tuned as Zvuloon Dub System plans to release some songs with top reggae artists such as Ranking Joe, Milton Blake and more, and an EP with an exciting fusion of reggae and Ethiopian music from the golden age of the 70s later this year.

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