Splinters & Candy 11/27/17 WVKR

Smiling young female solar home system servicing trainee

The frequency you’re looking for. Music from Switzerland, Brazil, Guadeloupe, USA, France, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cape Verde, Peru, Cambodia, Mali, Japan, Spain, Belgium, and beyond.


Da Cruz – “País do Futuro”
Bokanté – “O La”
Fanga – “Dji Nachon”
Jupiter & Okwess International – “The World Is My Land”
João Cirilo – “Po D’Terra”
Los Mirlos – “El Curandero”
Son Thoeung – “Bong Lear Hoy Oun”
Les Ambassadeurs du Motel du Bamako – “Ambassadeur”
Ali Farka Touré – “Jangali Famata”
Yuko Ito – “Owari No Nai Kisetsu”
Ojos de Brujo – “Todo Tiende”
Zap Mama – “African Sunset”

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