Splinters & Candy 11/18/19 WVKR

Nigeria (19)

Listen closely and you will find it. Music from Australia, Brazil, USA, Rwanda, Nigeria, Mexico, Mauritania, Switzerland, Mali, Spain, England, and beyond.


Deline Briscoe – “Heartbeat”
Curumin – “Passarinho”
Raquel Cepeda – “Mil Congojas”
The Good Ones – “The Farmer”
Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 – “Bad Man Lighter (B.M.L.)”
Sonido Gallo Negro – “Valicha”
Lijadu Sisters – “Lord Have Mercy”
Daby Touré – “Soninko”
The Faranas & Baba Salah – “Djoreydje”
Radio Tarifa – “El baile de la bola”
The Trials of Cato – “Gawain”

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