Splinters & Candy 10/28/19 WVKR


Move to the beat. Music from Cape Verde, USA, Colombia, Mali, Germany, Algeria, Brazil, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, France, Puerto Rico, and beyond.


Etalvinho Preta – “Mulato Ferrera”
Combo Chimbita – “Brillo Más Que El Oro (La Bala Apuntándome)”
Adolfo Echeverria y su Orquesta – “Sabroso Bacalao”
Tallawit Timbouctou – “Khoumeissa”
Muito Kaballa – “Mbule Mwule”
Rachid Taha – “Je Suis Africain”
Dado Brazzawilly – “Saramandaia”
Nahid Akhtar – “Karye Pyar”
Sanath Nandasiri – “Deepa Tupe Vihare”
Zoom – “Wayawaya”
Yves Lambert Trio – “Les Diables”
Taína Asili – “Beyond the Stars”

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