Splinters & Candy 07/23/18 WVKR

Grenada – 1981

Strike up the band. Music from Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Poland, USA, Cameroon, Trinidad & Tobago, Senegal, Togo, and beyond.


Femi Kuti – “Equal Opportunity”
Jupiter & Okwess – “Emikele Ngamo”
Maciek Schejbal – “Crack Off”
Hasso Akotey – “Amidine”
Jojo Ngalle – “O Tombi Lambo”
Mighty Sparrow – “Gie We More”
Debo Band – “Oromo”
Youssou N’Dour et le Super Etoile de Dakar – “Badou”
Vaudou Game – “Elle D├ęcide”

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