Splinters & Candy 06/17/24 WVKR

Burgandy, France | Navin Rajagopalan

A welcome retreat. Music from England, France, Spain, Guadeloupe, Ghana, Algeria, Turkey, Sudan, Afghanistan, Mali, Tunisia, Japan, and beyond.


Beth Gibbons – “Tell Me Who You Are Today”
Françoise Hardy – “Champ d’honneur”
Manu Chao – “Viva Tu”
Meliza – “Anragé”
Santrofi – “Kwabena Amoah”
Majid Soula – “Tameghra”
YUSAN – “Yaly”
Schnieke – “Pasali”
Jantra – “Makhafi & Gedima (Mista Sanches Remix)”
Aziz Ahmad Amiri – “Astan e To Boose Gahe Man Ast”
Djeneba Seck – “Nata Furu”
Neyssatou – “War”
I REIN FOR REIN – “Mystery Girl”

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