Splinters & Candy 05/18/20 WVKR

Guinea is Back

The variety you seek. Music from the USA, Italy, Argentina, France, Hungary, Ghana, Colombia, England, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Tanzania, Canada, Greece, Ukraine, and beyond.


Limoncello – “Musica Aqui”
The Mabon Dawud Republic ft. Stevo Atambire – “Mawadidoh”
Meridian Brothers – “Puya Del Empresario”
Falle Nioke & Ghost Culture – “Barké”
Duende Libre – “Fefo (Hanama)”
ONIPA – “Yenimno”
Juanita Euka – “Alma Seca”
Francis Bebey – “Sanza Tristesse”
Siti & The Band – “Nielewe”
Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra – “De la même eau”
Evritiki Zygia – “Maritsa”
DakhaBrakha – “Lado”

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