Splinters & Candy 05/13/19 WVKR

Rain forest

There is so much to listen to. Music from Nigeria, Mali, Guinea, Senegal, Iraq, Algeria, Cape Verde, Canada, USA, France, Cameroon, and beyond.


Tony Allen – “Jakelewah”
Mama Sissoko – “Fisiriwale”
Kakande – “Nina Kaba”
Youssou N’Dour – “Habib Faye”
Kazem Al-Saher – “W’endak Ein”
Faudel – “Hanina”
Titina – “Catatau”
Le Vent du Nord – “Cotillon du Capitaine”
Real Vocal String Quartet – “Woui Le Mien Fe”
La Tordue – “Les Lolos”
Etienne Mbappé – “Gao Mali”

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