Splinters & Candy 04/20/20 WVKR

marie madeleine

Journey with music. Sounds from Senegal, Madagascar, Switzerland, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Zambia, Brazil, Cameroon, Mali, USA, Cape Verde, France, and beyond.


Tidiane Thiam – “Dannibe”
Damily – “Mipay Havelo”
Amami – “You Say Me”
Lido Pimienta – “Resisto Y Ya”
Lucho Bermúdez – “Gaita De Las Flores”
Martial Droubly & L’Ivoiro Star – “You Dje N’Indje”
5 Revolutions – “FWE Bena Zambia”
Arnaldo Antunes – “Ela É Tarja Preta”
Touty & Absca Cora Group – “Day Fink”
Toumani Diabaté – “Djelika”
TriBeCaStan – “Javanka”
Cesária Évora – “Beijo de Longe”
Irène Jacob & Francis Jacob – “L’Ami”

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