Splinters & Candy 04/12/21 WVKR

Welcome dance

Rhythmic interpretations. Music from the USA, Mali, Zimbabwe, Poland, North Macedonia, Ghana, the Gambia, India, Cyprus, Armenia, Belgium, Brazil, and beyond.


Kane Mathis – “Routes Des Jardins”
Khaira Arby – “Sourgou”
Thomas Mapfumo & the Blacks Unlimited – “Ndanzwa ngoma kurira”
Warsaw Village Band – “Water Invocation”
Esma Redžepova and Nune Brothers – “Svirete ja”
Ayuune Sule – “Don’t Be Lazy”
Ballaké Sissoko ft. Sona Jobarteh – “Djourou”
Shankar – “Rega Aberi Track 03”
Antonis Antoniou – “Livanin”
Arsen Petrosyan – “Hin oreri erguh”
Black Blood – “Marie-Therese”
Boogarins – “Meto O Loco”

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