Splinters & Candy 04/08/19 WVKR


Seeking international sounds. Music from Spain, USA, Puerto Rico, Peru, Greece, Mali, Niger, Myanmar, Lebanon, Italy, Argentina, Portugal, and beyond.


New Bojaira – “Zorongo Blu”
Zemog El Gallo Bueno – “Quiero Correr”
Taína Asili – “Resiliencia”
Johno – “If I Were Another”
Tartit – “Tiliaden N’Asahara”
Unknown Artists – “Tuareg Chant”
St. Gun Khin May – “Shan Village (part 1)”
Austin Pitre & the Evangeline Playboys – “La Valse D’Orphelin”
Mazin Hamdan – “Side B, Track 3”
Mario Trevi – “Catene d’ammore”
Binelli & da Silva Duo – “Leyenda”

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