Splinters & Candy 02/25/19 WVKR


Release your soul. Music from Mali, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Réunion, Sudan, USA, Guinea, Angola, Finland, Spain, Israel, and beyond.


Bajourou – “Sora”
Richard Bona – “Souwedi Na Wengue”
Tigist Ejigu – “Endiet Neh?”
Meddy Gerville – “Lor lé dan mon min”
Ali Hassan Kuban – “Gammal”
Godwin Louis – “The Four Essential Prayers of Guinea”
Sékouba Bambino – “Famou”
Vivalda Dula – “Mora Em Nós”
Linette Tobin’s Pangaea – “Tossed at Sea”
Värttinä – “Maamo”
Yasmin Levy – “Jaco”

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