Splinters & Candy 01/11/21 WVKR

Streets of Tiflis

Exploring a world of sound. Music from Mali, Niger, USA, Martinique, Georgia, England, Italy, Poland, Benin, Brazil, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Libya, and beyond.


Bamba Wassoulou Groove – “Diarabi”
Mdou Moctar – “Tiknass (Sunbone)”
Ben & Winnie – “Comme Il Faut”
Gratien Midonet – “Roulo”
Lana & Linda Gunashashvili – “You Changed so Much”
Malphino – “Molienda”
Marco Zanotti & Gaia Carboni – “Less Is Much More”
Gina Chavez – “La Que Manda”
WoWaKin – “Rutka”
Les Teriba – “Idjoya”
Sergio Mendes ft. Maogani Quartet – “Lamento (No Morro)”
Tony Allen & Hugh Masekela – “Coconut Jam”
Santrofi – “Cocoase”
Les Filles de Illighadad – “Inssegh Inssegh”
Ahmed Ben Ali – “Damek Majeb”

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