Lo’Jo – Cinéma el Mundo

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Lo’Jo – “Au Temps Qui Passe”
Cinéma el Mundo

2012 marks Lo’Jo’s thirtieth year of existence. To celebrate they’ve released their tenth album, Cinéma el Mundo, which will get a North American release on October 9th via World Village. The eclectic ensemble are based in Angers, the city formed by the intersection of the Maine and Loire rivers in the west of France. By developing their own communal lifestyle among rolling hills and picturesque vineyards, Lo’Jo have managed to stay ahead of the curve, carving out their own unique musical niche. Denis Péan, singer/keyboardist/poet, explains the benefit of living and creating music on the fringes of society.

“To live on the margins is just a way of remaining true to one self. There was a time when it seemed as if it was very hard to exist far from Paris. Right now it only seems like an immense advantage.” – Denis Péan

Bandleader Péan comes from a region without a specific musical culture. He and Lo’Jo “make fire out of every kind of wood,” combining elements of French, African and Japanese music with various folk styles from around the world. They have incorporated acrobats, mimes, dancers, street theater and film into their performances. Joining Péan are Richard Bourreau (violin/kora), Nicholas ‘Kham’ Meslien (bass) and Franck Vaillant (drums). Berber singer/saxophonist Yamina Nid El Mourid and her sister Nadia assist with the vocals and add dynamic North African harmonies to the wild style of Lo’Jo. Special guests on the record include British rocker Robert Wyatt, desert blues guitar master Ibrahim Ag Alhabib (Tinariwen) and avant-global cellist Vincent Segal (Chamber Music). The Algerian Nid El Mourid sisters drive the rollicking “Au Temps Qui Passe” with their incredible voices. Listen to the track above and look for Cinéma el Mundo wherever fine music is sold.

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