Genticorum – Enregistré Live

Genticorum - Enregistré Live

Genticorum – Le Forgeron

Genticorum – “Le Forgeron”
Enregistré Live

Quebec’s Genticorum has developed quite a fanbase over the years. The power trio mixes traditional French-Canadian music with North American and European folk influences to great effect. They’ve already performed more than 800 concerts in no fewer than 15 countries and show no signs of easing up anytime soon. The critical acclaim continues to pile up for this dynamic group and the release of their latest CD, Enregistré Live will undoubtedly please critics and fans alike.

Genticorum’s fifth album, Enregistré Live, is indeed a live performance recorded at Farnham City Hall in December 2012. The driving, scorching interplay between Pascal Gemme (fiddle, feet, vocals), Yann Falquet (guitar, vocals), and Alexandre de Grosbois-Garand (flute, fiddle, vocals) is given the spotlight on this CD and it stands out as a contender for live album of the year. The intimacy of the venue and the excellent sound quality bring this group right into your living room.

Whether dipping into the call-and-response mastery of “Le Forgeron” or laying the instruments down to sing the a capella “Déline,” Enregistré Live finds these Québécois musicians in top form. This set of tunes will have you tapping your feet along with Pascal Gemme’s incredible foot percussion in no time. The vocal and instrumental harmonies coming from this young group are warm and engaging, revealing their boundless talent. Genticorum are already one of the most exciting traditional acts on the scene today. With the release of Enregistré Live, there is no doubt their audience will continue to grow as they push upwards and onwards.

Listen to “Le Forgeron” above and check out a terrific live performance of “Reel Circulaire” at the Ellen Theatre in Bozeman, Montana. Look for Enregistré Live wherever fine music is sold. Take a look at their upcoming concerts and experience this band in the flesh.


  1. Jacques Virmont
    July 15, 2013

    Superb !
    I got all your CD’s
    When will you at last come and play in France ?
    Festival de Tatihou in Normandy (August)would be a great setting for your group.
    Best wishes,

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