Chicha Libre – Canibalismo

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Chicha Libre – “El Carnicero de Chicago”

Chicha Libre release their new record, Canibalismo, today as a joint venture between Barbès Records and Crammed Discs. The Brooklyn group of French, American, Venezuelan and Mexican musicians play a mixture of Latin rhythms, surf and psychedelic pop inspired by Peruvian music from Lima and the Amazon. The two French members of the band also operate Barbès in Park Slope, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. The bar and performance space also functioned as the recording studio for Canibalismo. The room was filled with vintage electronics, homemade synthesizers, a nylon-stringed cuatro, congas and timbales as Chicha Libre went to work on their second album. French-born and New York-based Olivier Conan has released collections of vintage chicha tracks and started Chicha Libre as a tribute band at first, but the new record is filled with originals in a wide range of musical styles.

“Young Latin bands today, like chicha’s stars and like early rock innovators, cannibalize everything around them. They aren’t slaves to codes—the codes haven’t been created yet. We’re part of a worldwide movement of people who have that kind of freedom. We don’t just play chicha. We can do whatever we want and absorb anything we like. We’re cannibals.” – Olivier Conan

In celebration of Canibalismo, Chicha Libre will hold a release party at 92Y Tribeca on May 19th. You can usually catch them during their weekly stint on Mondays at Barbès. WFMU’s Transpacific Sound Paradise did a remote broadcast at Barbès, which featured Chicha Libre among other acts, this past week in celebration of their tenth anniversary. Canibalismo is available now on CD with an LP coming in the near future. You can stream and purchase the album at Barbès Records.

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