Brownout – Oozy

Brownout released their third album, Oozy, this past week. This is their first record on Nat Geo Music. For those who don’t know, Brownout is the alter-ego of Grupo Fantasma. While Grupo Fantasma focuses more on the Latin side of music, Brownout was created to help the musicians keep their funk chops up. Their sound harks back to the early 70s Latin funk heyday of bands like Malo and Sapo, mixed with some JBs and the Meters. Brownout’s reputation for killer guitar riffs and booming congas propelled them to national attention after they released a 45 that sold out quickly. The music fell into the right hands and soon after the band was asked to be Prince’s house band at his Las Vegas 3121 Club. Guitarist Adrian Quesada believes Brownout have created a unique sound that borrows elements from many musical styles, but in the end is entirely their own.

“Brownout has successfully avoided trends and musical movements for close to a decade now, choosing to take the music and sound in our own direction. Rather than trying to sound like a lost record from 1970s, our analog sound is all our own – big, bombastic and at times psychedelic.” – Adrian Quesada

The band’s latest effort has Brownout creating nasty grooves that will make any dance floor shake. Oozy steps away from the group’s Latin roots and delves into more hardcore funk territory spiked with a dose of psychedelia. Like Grupo Fantasma, Brownout already have a reputation for non-stop, sweaty shows that leave a lasting impression. Take a look at their video for the title track which features live footage of the band. Get yourself down to the record store and pick Oozy up today.

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