Analog Players Society – Vol. 1

What is this, another 7″ single? After giving you a nice slice of dub from Brooklyn yesterday, we are back with another bunch of lads from Brooklyn today. The Analog Players Society is a group of heavy-hitting studio musicians that Amon, the bandleader, has had the honor of working with in the studio and on stage throughout his career. They have just released their Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 singles on Redbud Records. They are both available on their bandcamp page. For $8 you can get both 45s as well as their digital downloads. Analog Players Society serves up some nice soul / reggae sounds that bleed with vintage warmth. They record their material at Studio Brooklyn and one look at the website will reveal how nice this studio is, equipped with all the tools you need to lay down a nasty groove on a slab of wax.

“If we lose power, and the system goes down, and there’s a whole bunch of people, and you still want to make them dance, who’s left? You’ve got drums, you’ve got a piano, a stand-up bass…you can get rugged and raw, without any power or at least with no laptop on stage!! Analog Players Society is live music.”

Analog Players Society Vol. 1 7″ vinyl consists of two well-known tracks “Let The Music Play” (Version) originally recorded in 1983 by Shannon w/ “Dance Hall Days” (Version) also recorded in 1983 by Wang Chung. The Analog Players Society strip down both tracks and breath new life into each of them. The Vol. 2 7″ vinyl features two versions of “I Can’t Wait” originally recorded in 1986 by Nu Shooz. One version is instrumental, while the other cut features Cecilia Stalin on vocals. Both 45s feature Ethan White on keys. Have a listen to Vol. 1 above and get to their bandcamp page to order these nuggets.

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