Splinters & Candy 12/11/17 WVKR

Dancing Girls

Intercontinental audio transmissions. Music from the USA, Mali, Venezuela, India, England, Peru, Niger, Belgium, Algeria, Egypt, Turkey, Germany, Colombia, and beyond.


Chopteeth Afrofunk Big Band – “Edward Snowden”
Tartit – “Tabey Tarate”
Eliana Cuevas – “Alegría”
Roopa Panesar – “Ahir Bhairav 2”
Raya Brass Band – “Bloody Knuckles”
Chango y su Conjunto – “Salsa 73”
Kel Assouf – “Tikounen”
Cheb Mami – “Le Raï C’est Chic”
Bonga – “Zukada”
Phil Thornton & Hassam Ramzy – “El Moulid”
Derdiyoklar İkilisi – “Garip Modalar”
M.A.K.U. SoundSystem – “Let It Go”

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