Splinters & Candy 11/06/17 WVKR


Listen to the world sing. Music from the USA, France, Canada, Guinea-Bissau, Zimbabwe, Mali, Cameroon, and beyond.


Cocek! Brass Band – “Juggler’s Journey”
Lo’Jo – “Brûlé La Mèche”
Vishtèn – “Tutti Flutti”
Genticorum – “Le Berger Volage”
Sambala Kanouté – “Djélé Mansa”
Mokoomba – “Njawane”
Kandia Kouyaté – “Sambayaya”
Oumou Sangaré – “Sigi Kuruni”
Henri Dikongué – “Kaba Ngondo”
Camille – “Lasso”

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