Splinters & Candy 10/09/17 WVKR

Yoff Boys

Global frequencies. Music from Brazil, Switzerland, Italy, Venezuela, Canada, Cuba, India, Spain, France, Mali, Israel, Yemen, Senegal, Nigeria, USA, and beyond.


Da Cruz – “Pais do Futuro”
Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino – “Quannu Te Visciu”
Eliana Cuevas – “El Manantial”
Hilario Durán – “Contumbao”
Akshara – “Mind the Gap”
Marius Preda – “Oscar’s World”
Alex Cuba – “Yo Sé Quién Soy”
Manu Chao – “Lagrimas de Oro”
Rokia Traoré – “Zen”
A-WA – “Lagaitani Laltarig”
Cheikh Lô – “Kelle Magni”
Tony Allen – “Ijo”
Ranky Tanky – “Ranky Tanky”

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