Splinters & Candy 07/17/17 WVKR

Portraits From Cuba

Expand your listening. Music from Cuba, Cape Verde, Turkey, Thailand, Chile, Peru, Israel, Yemen, Ethiopia, Brazil, Puerto Rico, USA, and beyond.


Asere – “Oriente”
Barbarito Díez – “Perla Marina”
João Cirilo – “Po D’Terra”
Bunalim – “Kenali Gelin”
Dao Bandon – “Lam Plearn Kiew Sao”
Ilú Keké – “Osáin Toque Cantado”
Chico Trujillo – “Malgeniosa”
Novalima – “Libertá”
A-WA – “Ya Raitesh Al Warda”
Meklit – “This Was Made Here”
Luísa Maita – “Fio da Memória”
Ani Cordero – “Sácalo”

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