Splinters & Candy 06/06/16 WVKR

Students with disabilities perform dance in rural Bangladesh
Students with disabilities perform dance in rural Bangladesh

Splinters & Candy airs every Monday from 4-5PM ET on independent radio 91.3FM WVKR Poughkeepsie. Live streaming at wvkr.org. Each week Alex Brown presents an eclectic collection of music from around the world.

Get a blast of sound from global sources. Music from France, Canada, Haiti, USA, Turkey, Thailand, Togo, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo and beyond. Quality selections from start to finish.


Lo’Jo – “La Marseillaise en Créole”
Shtreiml – “Chassidl pour les Bâtards”
Lakou Mizik – “Zao Pile Tè”
Cha Wa – “Ooh Na Nay”
Bunalim – “Taş Var Köpek Yok”
Hongthong Dao-udon – “Hongthong Khanong Lam”
Vaudou Game – “Dangerous Bees”
Jorge Ben – “Domenica Domingava Num Domingo Linda Tôda de Branco”
Zemog El Gallo Bueno – “Hipnótico”
Meridian Brothers – “El Enamorado”
Siama Matuzungidi – “Jungle Zombie”

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