Splinters & Candy 06/05/17 WVKR

Pasacalle de danzas peruanas

The pulse of Earth. Music from Mali, Cape Verde, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Uruguay, Peru, Algeria, Corsica, and beyond.


Kandia Kouyaté – “Sambayaya”
Tchiss Lopes – “É Bô Problema”
Abumba Masikini – “Magali Ya Kinshasa”
Timbila & Chartwell Dutiro – “Bukatiende”
Thomas Mapfumo & the Blacks Unlimited – “Zimbabwe Yevatema”
Orquesta Reve – “21 de Mayo”
Sonora Cienfuegos – “Pies Mojados”
Los Dandy’s – “La Solterona”
Cheb Hasni – “Mani Mani”
Jacky Micaelli – “Chjama/Paghjelle”

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